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Freedom from Guilt

Carson Sutton 2.12.20 The Old Testament contains 613 laws, most of which seem pretty foreign and strange to us today.If an ox gores a man or woman to death, the ox must be stoned, and its flesh may not be eaten. —Exodus 21:28 But we are familiar with The Ten Commandments. These are seemingly easyContinue reading “Freedom from Guilt”

Made Free

Hayden Parrish 1.15.20 Daddy, could you be Kristoff? After hearing this phrase several hundred times over the last month, I am beginning to catch on to what it means. My Frozen-obsessed two-year-old, Lucy, wants me to lay in the floor, hold her Kristoff doll, and nothing else. If I happen to rotate Kristoff’s head, waveContinue reading “Made Free”

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