Listen (Shema)

Hayden Parrish

March 21 Reading-Isaiah 48:12-13

Today’s reading is two short verses: 

Listen to me, Jacob, Israel whom I called. I am the one, I am the first, yes, I am the last. Yes, it was my hand formed earth; my right hand spanned the heavens. I am going to summon them so that they stand together. Isaiah 48:12-13

As soon as I read this scripture, the first line jumped off the page. It reminded me of our 2019 Middle School and High School retreats. During those weekends, we unpacked the meaning of “shema” which included the word “listen”.

We began our weekend with a spiritual excercise of silence in order to still our hurried and chaotic thoughts long enough to hear the Lord. I have uploaded the video that we used at the retreat with the hope that you would practice it again. If you weren’t there for the weekend, maybe you will do it for the first time!

It takes about 7 minutes. Find a quite part of your house and focus on each phrase. Because it has no sound, it may be a new experience for you. I hope your time in solitude will draw you into the heart of God. (I recommend watching it in full screen.)

May we be people who listen to the God who speaks to us. May we pay attention to what he is doing in and through our lives.

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